Colombia Everett


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A collection of films, essays and objects designed over the past three years.

Colombia Everett

︎Personal Statement

A collection of films, essays and objects designed over the past three years.

Inter-disiplinary Material and Product Designer

I am an interdisciplinary designer, focusing on sustainability and regenerative design through material development and product design.

From past explorations in the manipulation and study of Urban space to create statements and places for thought aiming to insight the consideration of nature, our effects on the earth and climate change. I have now turned my focus on developing products of change, aiming to produce and develop alternative  commercial products and packaging to allow positive climate action through what we consume.

I have a material first approach to design, using agricultural byproducts, working, developing and understanding the material side by side in order to understand the true potential of a material and then find the right product and situation for that material.

I work with living matter, focusing my current exploration of wheat and mushrooms. I find working and aiming to preserve organic matter vital, as it allow for the practice of biological circular economies.

I have a natural affinity with making, applying these skills in many capacities and technical medium both physical and digital. I have a love for materials and tactile making, allowing me to see the evolution of a product.

Fashion Marketing and PR Short Course

October- December 2019

Gushlow and Cole Internship

June- September 2018,
June- September 2019








Public Program | Third Year Degree Show coordination | Goldsmith’s BA Design |
Publication, Podcast, Curation and Broadcasting

Gushlow & Cole | Internship
Garment finisher, digital and graphic design, inventory management, fashion photoshoot assiatant

Visual Culture and Anthropology Society

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award |
Silver Award
Bronze Award

Goldsmiths, University of London | BA(Hons) Design

University of Arts London | Fashion Marketing and PR Short Course

International School Basel, Basel, Switzerland
International Baccalaureat | History, Art, English, Design Technology, Mathmatics, German

Adobe [Indesign, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator]
Visualisation [Rhino]
Microsoft Office [Word, Excel, PowerPoint]
Fabrication [Textile, LaserCutting, Metal]
Filming and Photography
Creative Computing [Arduino, HTML, CSS]
Design Research | Collaboration | Multiculturality


Bio-Materials developed and made from byproducts and ‘waste’, creating low impact, circular materials that are sustainable.

Biomimetics | Animate materials

Sustainability education and application

Experimental Design merged with Technology and Biology

Cycling | Hiking | Traveling | Reading | Ancient History | Anthropology